Lost In Glass - Phil's Profile

I feel incredibly lucky to be living and working in the middle of Somerset in a small hamlet, completely surrounded by nature and natural beauty, and to have found such a mind focusing and positive craft that is the art of stained glass.

It was around 20 years ago that a friend gave me a mirror that they had handmade using the copper foil and solder technique. I was so pleased with it and I instantly had a big attraction in the way it was made. It looked simple but so effective.

Unfortunately the mirror was badly damaged in a house move which actually made me eager to give the craft of stained glass a go, and try and replace my lost piece.

I completed a course at my local college and have been engrossed ever since making many different pieces over the past 5 years..

I have a Saturday pitch at Wells market in Somerset, and also spend the Summer months at Glastonbury market. I enjoy the market and meeting different people and my pieces of glasswork have ended up in alot of homes and in many different countries around the World.